Your Passport to World Wide Opportunities!!

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"Learn a language, go places!"

Learn English, Spanish, Chinese or Portuguese at the Global Institute of English and foreign Languages; take your passport to a wide world of opportunities.

At Lengua Global, We make you proficient in the language of your choice

We are placed in Mysore, Vijay Nagar. We do professional language training to individuals, groups, and corporate houses. We have decades of experience in foreign languages study,usage,training.

"Language is the Power to Conquer the World!"

Get Your Competitive Advantage and Broaden the Horizon of Your Opportunities.

In today's age of globalization, proficiency in a foreign language is certain to give you a competitive advantage and broaden the horizon of your employment prospects. The knowledge of a foreign language makes you a confident traveler and negotiator with the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in the right ethos for bridging the cultural divide.

So what are the possibilities?

Almost any language would be the answer, but let us look at it statistically.

English. Of course. It is the most widely spoken language of the world today.

Chinese. Mainland china is an emerging superpower and the knowledge of widely spoken Chinese language like the mandarin would be a definite asset for doing business with our mighty neighbor.

Spanish. The second most widely spoken language in the world has the obvious potential; besides it is the language spoken in the southern and Central American countries with whom the Government of India is planning to actively pursue business with.


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