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In this copetive world to suge ahead ,one should have something extra.During the 60's and 70's people learned typing and shorthand.Then comes the software industry which opened up a wide range of job opportunities.Even in this feild also there is so much competition.Then it is imperative that you should have something extra ,suave,savvy,challenging and interesting .In today's globaleconomy knowing another language really gives you a competitive edge when applying for a job,Knowledge of a foreign language makes you a confident traveller.

Mainland China is often described as a super power of the future.So Mandrain may be a language to be chosen.And Spain, the colonial rulers of the past whose language is spanish is the second widely spoken language of the world,second language of the USA.Also the language of entire South America and Central America amounting around 20 countries with whom the New India and the New Government is going to do business.

So, With Lengua Global ,

Plan Your Future
Strengthen Your CV
Give a Cutting Edge to Your Career
In Various Fields ,Ventures ,Government of India .

At LENGUA GLOBAL, Mysore, we are geared to train you to gain basic proficiency in worlds most in-demand languages viz. English, Spanish and Chinese. You may not have had an English-medium education depriving you the ability to speak English with the confidence and the authority expected in most of the job situations in India and world over.

We have the tools, resources and expertise to help you quickly overcome this handicap.

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